Fashion brand Prada and car brands may not seem to have any obvious contact between, but as the world’s second largest car manufacturer Ford chief designer of the gold. Metz (J.Mays), the past year most of the time Are studying the relationship between the two. Prada brand although a lot of design style and elements, but still allow consumers to immediately find that they belong to the same company’s products, car brands can also use this design concept. It is drawing on the success of Prada sunglasses brand strategy, Gold Meters began Ford’s new image of the next 10 years of drastic improvements, “to make interesting design, giving a shock, so that people in the 50 meters away To recognize Ford’s car. “Ford began to inject” sexy “elements into its cars, making it more attractive for Ford to surpass the so-called” rational values ​​”. Metz is also inspired by the Prada brand story, so that the Ford brand must “have a story” to help Ford to create a culture for the world to understand the background.

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But also able to make the car giant Ford bow to study its brand strategy, willing to do Prada students, presumably Prada brand strategy is unique, successful place, Prada noble and mysterious, functional and aesthetic fusion of the brand concept worth learning from. Interpretation of the fine kingdom of the miracle of the brand story
Prada brand story is completely ugly duckling and white swan story replica, is a family and a woman’s story, is able to bring people longing, respect the feelings of the story. And these are the charm of the brand story, through the description of the brand development entrepreneurial struggle in the meaningful, representative story, bring people mind shock, to win people’s emotions, deepen the brand image, the formation of a strong brand association, and thus establish and People resonate with the brand culture, to create emotional brand.
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In 1913 the Mario Prada brothers opened a Prada boutique in Milan, Italy. Prada began to specialize in leather goods and imported goods, Mario Prada visited Europe, the purchase of exquisite luggage, jewelry and clothing for the upper class to enjoy the community. fake Prada sunglasses later began manufacturing some handmade leather goods for travel.

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But Prada did not much fame, and in the 1970s, fashion environment changes, almost near the brink of bankruptcy. Even more than 10 years ago, Prada is still just a classic three generations of Europe, specializing in hand-made decorations small brand. All the changes are from a woman, is a woman will Prada become today’s famous boutique brand. She is Miuccia Prada, Prada family of the third generation of the head, since 1978, by virtue of their unique design style and excellent business philosophy, the handbags and shoes, these traditional sense with the secondary products as the company’s protagonist, And successfully combined with the experience of professional large-scale manufacturing processes and focus on the quality of the advantages of small workshops, so that Prada has been rapid development and growth. In addition to the introduction of the swept the nylon handbags, launched shoes in 1983, launched in 1989, women’s clothing, launched in 1994, men’s clothing, launched in 1998 sportswear, which launched in 1992 to their own minor name named MIU MIU. From the leather goods, clothing to shoes, underwear, replica Prada sunglasses gradually become a complete boutique kingdom, the territory also began to expand to the world.
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Since 1998, Prada has acquired Jil Sander, Fendi and Helmut Lang and other brand equity, began to LVMH and Gucci line, take the group of business routes. In 2000, Prada set a turnover of $ 1.4 billion, 57% more than in 1999, net profit of 265 million US dollars, in 2002, the turnover is reached 1.57 billion euros, the world has more than 150 outlets , Become the younger generation of famous brand boutique king.